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My name is Brie. I drink way too much Dr Pepper and love web design with a side of print.

Brie’s World is a bright place, a place that pops; decorated with only the most popular color combos, wallpapered with handcrafted fonts of all styles. Gradients shining of copper and gold light the halls while a fountain of Dr Pepper flows all around, distilling the perfect connection of carbonation and syrup.

I can take a business idea and establish branding, design logo options, create marketing material, curate & publish websites, and integrate as well as maintain a social media presence. Click over to my contacts and send me a message if you’d like more information.

From small businesses to individuals looking for a lovely home within the neighborhood of the world wide web (www), I am your web realtor. I’ll hook you up with a domain name (like your own .com not, create a space for you to blog, and an easy to use content manager (WordPress). Websites for everyone!

A brand kit can include font selections, color combos, patterns, and logo variations and these brand kits help make your business more recognizable. Did you know… like 97% of Americans can recognize the Nike logo. (no joke). Brand yourself!


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brie | 29, October

It has been a busy October. My baby girl turned 2, I wrapped up 3 websites and started

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Hello Blog
brie | 10, December
Hello to the beginning. The beginning that really started over 15 years ago but only recently became real.
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